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CTP Insurance Quotes Qld

CTP insurance Qld is a registration requirement by law providing the owner and driver liability protection in the event of a motor vehicle accident but what doesn’t Compulsory Third Party Car Insurance cover?

Why is it called CTP?

Firstly, you need to understand there are 3 parties to compulsory third party car insurance:

  1. The first party is owner or driver of the vehicle at fault
  2. The second party is the CTP insurer of the vehicle at fault
  3. The third party is the injured person

Where Do I Find My Current CTP Insurer?

If you have a vehicle currently registered you can find the Third Party Compulsory Motor Vehicle Insurance details on your registration notice of your current CTP insurer.

What Doesn’t Compulsory 3rd Party Car Insurance Cover?

Many motorists especially those who have just moved to Australia think that CTP covers them for damage done to property or a motor vehicle but it doesn’t. Also CTP does not cover a driver who is totally at fault for a vehicle accident.

What Does CTP Insurance Cover?

CTP covers the owner and driver for legal liability that causes bodily injury or death to another person arising from a motor vehicle accident.

It is good value because it is unlimited indemnity meaning unlimited exemption from liability for damages.

How Do I Choose The Best CTP?

Lets be honest most people will just go for the cheapest CTP on offer from any insurer but it is worth considering other factors before choosing a CTP insurer like:

  • Can you purchase online, by phone or in person
  • Terms and conditions and additional discounts
  • Additional features like at fault driver cover
  • Add-on products or incentives

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How Do I Calculate CTP Insurance Qld?

Thanks to the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC) which is the regulatory authority responsible for the ongoing management of the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme in Queensland have developed a CTP Premium Calculator which gives rates from all licensed CTP insurers.

Can I Change My CTP Insurer?

You can nominate to change your CTP insurer at any time but the changes don’t come into effect until next registration period. You must change your CTP insurer before you make payment and the due date.

*Please note: This information is a guide only and cannot be used as a reference to a point of law.

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