Selling A Car Privately In QLD In 7 Steps

7 steps to selling a car privately in QLD so you can give yourself the best chance of a quick sale without the hassle and get the best price for your hard work.

Top 7 Steps To Selling a Car Privately in QLD

Selling a car can sometimes be stressful but if you follow the 7 steps below you’ll be sure to make a quick sale.

Step 1: Think Like a Buyer

First, think about what was important to you when you bought the car you’re selling now by asking yourself these questions:

  • Where did you look or go? This will help you on where or which car classifieds to list your car on for private sale.
  • Why did you buy the car? This will help you to write your ad description and list the hot buttons (important features like safety, performance etc.)
  • Was there anything that was a dealbreaker? If there was try to work harder for the buyer so they are not inconvenienced and it becomes a deal breaker for them.
  • How much rego was left? Check the registration expiry date so you know how much rego is left by using the free QLD Rego Check App.

Step 2: Get Your Car Ready

It can be tough to find time to clean the car but try and make it look its best. So, if you have an old car with that musty smell, it’s time to start looking into getting it fixed.

Step 3: Get a Roadworthy (RWC)

If your car requires a roadworthy inspection (safety inspection), get it done before the buyer turns up. You can then show the roadworthy certificate (safety certificate). This will remove any uncertainty about the condition of the car. The more you do for the buyer the better chance of selling your car privately without any hassles and quickly too.

Step 4: Price It Right

Before doing this, you need to know how much your car is worth. This can be quickly done by using a vehicle market value calculator and putting in make, model and year to find listings. After clicking search then you can refine your search with body type, transmission etc. Once you have found your exact car you can click on view details to get the price guide range and other details to help you list your car. The length of the remaining registration should have a significant bearing on the value of the car.

The listing below market value will get you a quick sale but be firm on the price. If you’re not firm on the price then buyers will think there is something wrong with the car.

Also, consider using an app to advertise your vehicle online. Apps like Carsales or Autotrader let you list vehicles for sale and search for cars in nearby locations through their mobile app or on their website.

Social media like Facebook Market Place is another good option for advertising your car online. You can use the social media platform of your choice to post photos and videos of the car and even ask people if they are interested in buying it.

Step 5: Always Be Open And Honest

If there is something wrong with the car, get an estimate to repair it and let the new buyer know. Most people expect an old car to have some problems. The new buyer may drive some distance to view the car so transparency and honesty are important.

Step 6: Have The Paperwork Ready

Find all paperwork, including servicing bills, etc to show potential buyers. This will help tell a story and give the buyer assurance that the car has been looked after and is mechanically sound.

Step 7: Transfer Car Registration

Don’t forget to transfer your vehicle’s registration as soon as you sell it. This is important because any speeding or parking tickets that come up will still be linked to you until the transfer is done.

Online Registration Transfer

To conduct an online transfer, visit the Queensland TMR website within 14 days of the sale. The seller initiates the process by submitting the transfer application and relevant details.

Required information:

  1. Driver’s license number
  2. Proof of Queensland residential address
  3. Car safety certificate
  4. The dutiable value of the car
  5. Odometer reading
  6. Purpose of the car’s use

A nominal fee is applicable for this process, and it can be paid by either or both parties. Upon completion via the TMR website, you will receive confirmation.

In-Person Registration Transfer

Alternatively, you can complete the transfer at your nearest Main Roads office. The same set of documentation is required, and you will need to fill out two sets of forms.

Irrespective of the chosen method, it is crucial to keep all documents in order and maintain a record of the confirmation.


I hope these steps have given you confidence in getting many leads and how to sell your car privately in QLD quickly and easily.

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