Permanent And Temporary Removal Of Seats QLD Vehicles

Third-Row Seat Removal and Roadworthiness in QLD – Regulations and steps to take for temporary or permanent removal of 3rd-row rear seats.

Q: Can I remove my third-row seats for a roadworthy inspection in QLD?

A: The answer depends on whether you plan to remove the seats temporarily or permanently.

Temporary Removal:

You can temporarily remove your third-row seats without modification approval if:

  • The seats are designed for quick release or bolt-on attachment.
  • The removal doesn’t change the original vehicle category (e.g., a 7-seater remains a 7-seater).
  • You can easily reinstall the seats using standard tools.

No need for:

  • Engineers certificate or compliance plate.
  • Notification to QLD Transport.


  • Don’t remove the seatbelts, as this suggests a permanent change.
  • Inform your insurer if the temporary removal affects your usual vehicle usage.

Permanent Removal:

Removing third-row seats for good is considered a vehicle modification and requires:

  • Engineer certificate and compliance plate certifying the modification meets safety standards.
  • Submission of a Vehicle Modification Document (Form 10A) to QLD Transport for registration update.
  • A modification plate was installed on the vehicle to reflect the new seating capacity.

When selling a car privately in QLD with permanent seat removal you can include:

Mod Approved & Roadworthy: Rear seats professionally removed and certified. Enjoy worry-free driving and hassle-free registration.


  • Any change in vehicle category due to reduced seating may require additional modifications
  • Inform your insurer about the permanent modification and update your policy if necessary.

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